Como todos sabreis, la comunidad de desarrolladores Android busca alternativas para substituir al pesado java. Como las clases en Scala Vs Kotlin Agilewombat pueden existir codo a codo en exactamente el mismo proyecto, puedes comenzar a usar Kotlin sin hacer ningún cambio radical como transformar un proyecto entero a Kotlin, iniciar un proye… Read More

Andrey Breslav, the Kotlin project lead, gives an overview of what Kotlin is today, as a tool for developers and as an ecosystem. Since Kotlin is developed by JetBrains, it is well-supported in both Android Studio and IntelliJ. Nitin Y along with Frugaa technical team has provided an insight of statically-typed programming language Kotlin” and w… Read More

I've been looking for Java alternatives since my first days of Android development. Antonio started as a consultant in CRM technologies, but after some time, looking for his real passion, he discovered the Android world. If you setup everything correctly, you should be able to run and test your application the same way you would in a estándar And… Read More