Android Top Things I Like About Kotlin Programming Language

I've been looking for Java alternatives since my first days of Android development. Antonio started as a consultant in CRM technologies, but after some time, looking for his real passion, he discovered the Android world. If you setup everything correctly, you should be able to run and test your application the same way you would in a estándar Android project, but now using Kotlin. Alternatively, you perro create and convert it to Kotlin using the action mentioned above.

Java isn't known for being the most succinct language, and while that isn't a con in and of itself, when you're programming for Android and using a bunch of common idioms, verbose code cánido lead to more chances for bugs. Because Kotlin code translates to equivalent Java very closely, almost all existing Java-oriented tools work out of the box. I couldn't get React Native working for Android (on either Mac or Windows) but I've been pretty happy with Xamarin.

It avoids extra garbage collection, a common problem in Android development that adds inefficiency to Java code. It will be interesting to watch how Kotlin accomplishes its plans and how it faces forthcoming challenges. Using Kotlin fixes this, along with allowing you to do flow control inside the lambda functions. It makes your code clean and easy to read, and lets you forget about rough edges of Android SDK for Java. This first part tackles setting up Kotlin in your project and reading your first lines.

We will be learning Kotlin covering topics like Properties and Fields, Data Classes, Null Safety, Extensions Functions, Lambda expressions, Delegation, Higher-Order Functions among other excellent topics and also covering some scenarios that an Android Dev has to deal frequently like Orientation Change (Parcelables), requesting data from service to be shown in the UI, binding and manipulating Views and more.

With all that said, if you're an existing Java developer looking into something new or looking into developing Android aplicaciones, I would suggest to look into Kotlin and give it a try. I want to learn a language that is not yet popular like Kotlin and Golang and build something (console apps or gui aplicaciones). If you do not see the project explorer on the left press ALT + 1. Then double-clic on the project folder and navigate down to the kotlin folder. I really don't think that a knowledge of Java is needed or even useful to learning Kotlin. Either way, your tooling will be faster but less feature-rich than Android Studio. If you want to learn about audio recording and manipulation in Android, then this project is the best way to start your journey. The primary goal of Kotlin is to make it useful for practical, real-life projects; one cánido easily learn it compared to other JVM-based languages (such as Scala). Kotlin (for the most part) is afín to Groovy and Scala, as it runs on a JVM.

At first I had to refer back to the Kotlin docs to look up stuff until I got use to the syntax. In contrast to languages like Java, Kotlin offers null safety through explicit nullable types! For a beginner, it might be a bit difficult to grasp everything going on but it should be really interesting for any intermediate or advanced level Android developer. A nasty thing in Android is the findViewById function, but thanks to Kotlin Android Extensions we cánido obtain the same functionality without this extra, awful code.

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